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  Water Conservation Specialist LTD ( Conserve ) was formed in 1996 in order to establish a water management company which was responsive to the specific needs of the residential multi-family rental industry. Existing water conservation equipment was not capable of meeting the varying water pressure conditions existing at different properties, and within each property. Water conservation companies did not provide on-going support services which are necessary in order to maintain the reduced water consumption on a long term basis. The Conserve Program was designed to address these issues so that communities could rely upon the lowest possible water consumption on a daily basis.  
  The Conserve staff has extensive property management experience and practices hands-on water management for each property according to their specific needs. The combination of the Conserve patented equipment and the ongoing support services forms the perfect synergy between high-technology and world class customer service.

The Conserve Program provides up to 7 of the 14 water conservation points required for LEED Certification.

You have nothing to lose and NOI to gain by implementing the Conserve Program. Join forces with our water management team and obtain the most comprehensive, technically advanced, water conservation program.

  Thank you for choosing Conserve.
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  The Conserve custom-made shower heads and aerators are manufactured in our Boca Raton Plant utilizing state of the art computerized automatic high speed machining.  
Eliminate the daily loss of thousands of gallons caused by
running toilets, dripping faucets and other seemingly innocent malfunctions. Contact Us Today!
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Meet Local and State regs when conserving water.
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